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The Bean Gallery/Restaurant - Our apartment, which we have converted into a gallery/restaurant. If you’re interested in visiting we would love that! Just drop us an message.
Our Ingredients - The link to a google drive with all of our work (we recommend checking out our favourites listed on the doc you’ll see on the first page, or just nosing around in there).
Bean Theory/the theory of some things - Ideas about the universe born from our experience of mania.
Beanist Art - A description of our approach to art making.
Beanism: The Religion - Our principles, articulated.
Why Beans? - The big question, it seems.
Legumes - Friends of beans.
Commissions - Bean believers.
Bios - As it says on the tin.

If your time is precious we recommend focusing on The Bean Gallery!

The Bean Gallery/Restaurant

Anyone who visits will recieve a gift. Drop us an email if you want to see the space.

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theory of some things/Bean Theory

The Theory of Everything is a state of mind.

Modern science is built on the idea that matter is fundamental and the experience of consciousness is something that the human brain produces. However, scientists have also shown that more than 95% of the universe is dark matter/dark energy (i.e not matter) and science has no idea how the brain could produce the experience of consciousness.

We propose an alternate view of reality.

Consciousness itself is fundamental. The scientific evidence for this is extremely well documented by Mark Gober in his book “An End to Upside Down Thinking”. We propose that matter is the spectrum of consciousness that interacts with light/electro magnetic radiation. We
propose that spacetime itself is consciousness and matter is what specific complex structures of consciousness look like. This effectively means that all that we believe to be dead has some conscious experience, the nature of which is hard to grasp. We believe that consciousness causes matter to be, but that consciousness is only imbued in living things and therefore things which do not show signs of life as defined by the life sciences can interact with consciousness but are not themsleves conscious in any way. We propose that from the perspective of the individual, the universe is a four dimensional stream of consciousness that exists as a probabilistic spectrum with three areas. Certainty, Awareness and Abyss.

Certainty for the individual is exclusively limited to that individual’s conscious experience in the present moment. The individual’s conscious mind can be considered as a three dimensional projection/shadow of this four dimensional stream. The conscious mind has the ability to learn things so they are absorbed into the subconscious.

Awareness is what can be considered as the individual’s subconscious. It spans our immediate and virtual environment all the way to the edge of the observable universe. Other individuals exist in this area of the spectrum from the individual's perspective.

Abyss is what may or may not exist outside/inside the observable universe, it is likely to be infinite though it’s properties are inherently mysterious.

What is the meaning of life?

We are a part of the universe that has the ability to feel disconnected from the rest and can self-reflect and experience three dimensional slices of spacetime. Our purpose is to learn and to guide the universe into the future that the future wants to be. We can only do this collaboratively. Our specific ego exists by chance - we are all unimaginably lucky.

What caused the big bang?

Nothing caused the big bang. We exist because it is impossible for nothing to exist. The universe is an infinite 4 dimensional shape. Every black hole is also a wormhole with the other side being a white hole - the big bang. The shape is constantly generating itself and destroying itself. The universe is dynamic and uncertain. The universe itself is our interpretation of god. It wants to believe it is perfect and beautiful, which it is - if we can only find the right angle to look at it. We are yet to find this angle because it only exists in the future.

What is dark matter/dark energy?

 Dark matter and dark energy are particular conscious feelings/states of mind. Dark energy is what tears us apart (the desire for freedom/independence, curiosity). Dark matter is what holds us together (love and kindness). Positive emotions want to travel forward in time, negative emotions want to travel backwards in time, we can guide them to do so in our minds. Calmness is always wise.
Wisdom is usually calm.
If you want to gain a better understanding of what dark energy and matter could be, read a physics book, maybe watch some youtube. We are unable to provide you with a better understanding because we like to put paint on things instead of reading physics books.

What is Art?

Art is a matter based depiction of the relationship between the Artist’s conscious and subconscious mind. The subconsious rarely gets the credit it deserves; it does almost all the work and is blamed for all the mistakes. In order for art to manifest, two things must occur: a decision must be made, and either the creator or audience must deem the product of that decision to be art. A cloud is not art because although it may be more beauitful than most art, it is not the product of a decision. My wearing of white socks is not art becuase although it is the result of a decision, I do not consider it art, and neither does my audience. To deem something art implies the thing generated thought, provided energy, or somehow altered the inertia of the present moment.  

Beanist Art

Beanist Art is art that can be broken into two specific approaches. Bean work and ant work. The approaches are challenging in almost opposite ways. The healthiest approach is to frequently switch between bean and ant work. 

Bean work is conscious work. Conscious work involves almost constant questioning and decision making. It is very draining in the psychological sense. Large detailed structures are rarely formed. Bean work can be a considered as a totally unplanned visual environment that somewhat creates itself as multiple minds work together. We achieve this by working on two pieces simultaneously and switching every set chunk of time. With this approach, we can give the subconscious a voice by allowing impulse to dictate our every move. Bean work is what the mind wants to do when it is manic.


Ant work is energizing work, though it can often involve more physical labour than bean work. It involves minimal possible decision making, and following a strict set of rules that was dictated before the creating process began. It is perfectly possible and encouraged to socialise while doing ant work. Getting other people involved in whatever way possible, the more the merrier. The most interesting ant work comes from the most effective set of rules and this can only be found by trial and error. Ant work is more enjoyable for a depressed mind.


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